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When a tooth can no longer be repaired with a filling or an inlay, it needs to be restored with a dental crown or cap. The visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line will be covered. This is a precision restoration for restoring the tooth to an ideal form. Frequently, the tooth, itself, needs to be rebuilt before the new crown can be placed over it. To address the esthetic concerns of our patient, our clinical team first assessed the periodontal health the patient followed by a chair-side direct mock-up of the proposed form/shape of the teeth. Four all ceramic crowns on the upper anterior teeth were chosen as the best restorative option and fabricated by our master ceramist ensuring the appropriate color, contour/shape, bite and proper translucency that really brings out her smile giving her a natural appearance. 


A dental crown requires a minimum of two visits to Brown Prosthodontics.

What to expect: On visit 1 Our dentist will remove decay, prepare the tooth to receive a crown, make an impression of the prepared tooth and fabricate a customized temporary crown made of acrylic.


Visit 2, we will remove the temporary crown, clean the tooth, try-in the final crown make any necessary adjustments and adjust to the final crown. Ultimately, the crown is cemented and the feel and bite are checked again.

Why chose a crown and what are the benefits of choosing this procedure?

  • Crowns provide support to fractured, broken down or extremely decayed teeth

  • Corrects the appearance misshapen or off-colored teeth

  • Replaces missing teeth, as an abutment for a bridge or an abutment for an implant

  • Crowns can improve smile and functional chewing problems that may exist

  • Looks completely natural when done correctly


Contact Dr. Brown at Brown Prosthodontics to discuss crowns to improve your smile.

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