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Color management of porcelain veneers: influence of dentin and resin cement colors


Color management of porcelain veneers: influence of dentin and resin cement colors

Author/s and their location: Dozic A1, Tsagkari M, Khashayar G, Aboushelib M.

Issue: Quintessence Int. 2010 Jul-Aug;41(7):567-73.


OBJECTIVE: Porcelain veneers have become an interesting treatment option to correct the shape and color of anterior teeth. Because of their limited thickness and high translucency, achieving a good color match is influenced by several variables. The aim of this work was to investigate the influence of natural dentin and resin cement colors on final color match of porcelain veneers.

METHOD AND MATERIALS: A preselected shade tab (A1) was chosen as the target color for a maxillary central incisor, and its color parameters (L*a*b*) were measured using a digital spectrophotometer (SpectroShade, MHT). Nine natural dentin colors (Natural Die Material, Ivoclar Vivadent) representing a wide range of tooth colors were used to prepare resin replicas of the maxillary central incisor with a standard preparation for porcelain veneers. The prepared porcelain veneers (IPS Empress Esthetic, A1, 0.6 mm thick, Ivoclar Vivadent) were cemented on the resin dies (nine groups of natural dentin colors) using seven shades of resin cement (Variolink Veneers, Ivoclar Vivadent). The L*a*b* values of the cemented veneers were measured, and DE values were calculated against the preselected target color (A1). DE greater than 3.3 was considered as a significant color mismatch detectable by the human eye.

RESULTS: The seven shades of resin cement had no significant influence on the final color of the veneers, as the measured DE values were almost identical for every test group. On the other hand, the color of natural dentin was a significant factor that influenced final color match. None of the 63 tested combinations (nine natural dentin colors and seven resin cement colors) produced an acceptable color match.

CONCLUSION: Thin porcelain veneers cannot mask underlying tooth color even when different shades of resin cement are used. Incorporation of opaque porcelain (high chroma) may improve final color match.

Dr. Brown’s Summary & Conclusions:

Please do not rely on the shade of the resin cement to mask any underlying color How much can we affect the color of the teeth by porcelain veneers? Not very much. So rather than treatment plan the pt for veneers, consider all ceramic crowns to ensure that the color of the dentin does not effect ultimate color of the cemented crowns. Also by giving the your dental lab an accurate stump shade of the prepared teeth will also ensure a predictable result. Whitening prior to obtaining a color match for the definitive crowns is also a good technique to employ, but please keep in mind that the improvements will not be long term.

Dr. EKB Jr.

#colormanagement #veneers #dentin #treatment

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